Ann Marie Dailey
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TOMS One for One Campaign


Develop a concept that creates or promotes a partnership for peace. Use the TOMS brand and/or products as a vehicle for promoting global unity. This could be through – an exploration of the One for One business model, – a new social business model or product connecting consumers with people in need, or – a storytelling campaign that links the human experiences on both sides of the One for One model. Think about the brand’s opportunity – and responsibility – to unite humanity and make the world a more peaceful place.


Shane Cornell, Ann Marie Dailey, Michael Hughes, Beth Yancey - Art Direction
Shane Cornell & Michael Hughes - Illustrations
Beth Yancey & Ann Marie Dailey - App Design
Ann Marie Dailey - Video


TOMS Roasting Company will provide clean drinking water for people in need. TOMS coffee trucks will be placed in high traffic, populated areas like cities, universities, and public areas of congregation. These targeted areas hold a large market of coffee drinkers who in turn will be helping a great cause.



A customer will order their beverage and can watch the tank on the right dispense your coffee while the tank of the left fills up with your donated 'gift of water' for less fortunate countries.

Inspired by the tragedy of Flint, Michigan


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Using an older but still functional biplane made of wood metal and lacquered canvas the TOMS plane would act as a symbol of humanitarian aid, long distance travel & relationships, and the power of mankind ingenuity.

The TOMS plane would bring further awareness, publicity and push TOMS one for one mission. Inspiring others to join the cause. 

Adding a new flavor to TOMS social media the plane would allow followers to join the journey of the plane as it visits the different countries that are impacted by TOMS efforts. Further emphasing TOMS as benevolent movement, not just a shoe company.


Photo by: deguisinger

Photo by: deguisinger

Every tent sold goes towards building homes in countries that are struggling with housing. These four patterns are based off countries that are suffering the most from limited housing: Nigeria, Syria, Haiti, Indonesia

TOMS Passport Rewards App

The mobile app for the rewards program is more personal by inputting credit card information, GPS location, and how the user makes a difference.