Ann Marie Dailey



The Reflect project was created as a powerful but simple way to help individuals self learn and groups build shared understanding more effectively through guided reflection. This journal specifically helps you become aware of ways you can improve your daily habits by guiding you through a one week reflection. 

Conceived and designed by Ann Marie Dailey & Catherine Norwood.
Reflect by downloading the journal here.

The Journal

Each journal was cut, screen-printed, and sewn by using CCADs facilities and help from our very good friends.


The annual campus-wide juried show and celebration showcases exemplary pieces from each of CCAD majors.

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Photos provided by   CCAD Chroma

Photos provided by CCAD Chroma

What does reflection look like to you? Reflection is a necessity. Mirrors allow us to reflect on the physical world and help us see what needs readjusting. Like a mirror; written, spoken, and sketching reflections allow us to assess and adjust experiences in our lives.